SoftTICET - POS solution for selling tickets

SoftTicketing is a modern, affordable and flexible application for the sale of tickets at the cinema, theater, stadium and concert halls.


System qualities:


Scalability - If necessary, all system components can be run on laptop computer. And at the same time, the same software can function in large installations of multiplexes.

No need for large IT investments - Specialized POS work stations and a server computer are not necessary in small installations. The system can work on standard Windows XP / Vista / 7 desktop computer and use cheap POS printers. Free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition can be used as the system database. When the need arises, SQL Server can be upgraded.

Keeping up with technology trends - SoftTicketing is based on the newest Microsoft technologies (Microsoft SQL Server), and is created using modern development tools (Microsoft Visual Studio).

Continuously evolving - New features are added in regular cycles. Your specific needs can be addressed in custom development projects.

Halls - the system supports an unlimited number of different seating layouts. Each event can use a different layout.

Visual - visual and clear plan of the hall and seating with a clearly representation of taken / available seats.

Multiple screens - Support for multiple screen for the sales operator and a second screen for the customer (when selling tickets or snacks / juices,  a hall or purchased items are shown, otherwise the announcements and advertisements are shown).

Support for touch screens - the system's graphical interface is customized for touch screens

Support for different printers - tickets can be printed out on classic POS printer or to a specialized printer for printing tickets

Snacks and drinks - the system allows the sale of accompanying additions with tickets (soft drinks, snacks, ...)

Reporting - can automatically create all the necessary documentation and reports (by distributors, bookkeeping, ...)