Website development

Website design service covers the entire process of planning, blueprint design, design and implementation of web projects of all types and purposes.

Our company develops complete Internet solutions. Regardless of the size of your company or its activities, we are ready for all types of projects.

Website design service is usually "packed" and available for our customers by turnkey principle - it's always about a complete solution unless the user himself or with another company does some part of the website.

Our company, through the development of different types of projects in the market, has established itself as a reliable partner both in domestic and in international Internet domain with a number of successful web projects. For more details see our web references.

As web development is a multidisciplinary activity intertwined with various activities, we would like to emphasize that generally any good internet project encompasses some or all of the segments such as:

  • Testing and analysis of the current state of your existing website or application
    Companies that have a website are often not aware of the potential that is possible to achieve with high quality Internet solution, so our company analyzes your existing website or solutions so we can point out deficiencies of existing solutions and ways of fixing rehabilitating them
  • Consulting and counselling
    Our long-standing practice has shown that more than 75% of users who already have some form of internet business solutions, actually do not have or know the real reason why they have a website. Of course, if we do not know true purpose and effect of a tool, it is difficult to use such a tool in the best possible way.
  • Planning, designing and managing web projects
    As any other projects, so do Internet projects, have their own reasons for production, they have some goal that we want to accomplish with such a project, therefore, a key to success of any web project is timely planning, design and management. You can leave the whole story around it to us, who, with each new project done collect the right and real field experience for almost ten years.
  • The design and functionality of web applications
    One of the first impression that a website provides to the visitors is definitely the website look and functionality. Our company takes care of the attractive appearance of your web project, meeting the high standard of the profession, and last but not least - takes care of the users of the Internet project, because they are the ones who will browse your site, buy your products or get interested in your services.
  • Internet project possibilities
    As we already stated, regardless of the purpose of the project (presentation website, blog, portal or some other form of business Internet applications), each project is equally important for us, and we strive to incorporate the latest technological solutions in all projects with a large emphasis on longevity of the internet project and ease of use, for the users of the internet project, as well as for the owners of internet project.
  • An opportunity to individually edit web page content
    Our company has developed its own solution for the management of a composition website (CMS - Content Management System). swCMS system is specifically planned and designed web application that is an integral part of ALL of our projects, and its features are ease of use and great abilities, all without the need of having to know any programming skills. The secret of the success of our CMS is that it is, unlike most existing solutions available in the market, designed in a manner that is fully adapted to the users who have basic knowledge and skills in using computer and we proudly point out that the cross section of users of our CMS solution is 15-75 years. Learn more about our CMS solution.
  • Integration and linking with other web services or applications
    Given that they are entirely our own solutions, and all are based on available technologies based on open source, at any moment, it is possible to adapt all our products to specific requirements and needs of the user.
  • Integration and linking with social networks
    Constituent part of internet marketing are unavoidable social network as FaceBook or Twitter, and our internet solutions are able to easly be associated with these service.
  • SEO i SEM
    Abbreviations of mystical names and meaning, but of great importance are the so-called optimizations for internet search engines (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing on the Internet search engines (SEM - Search Engine Marketing).
    "What does this mean for me?" - You are probably wondering - and we respond: it means that a lot of attention is given to the way we make your web projects because we want them to be good and well positioned on the top of the results of all known and relevant web browser / search engines like Google, Bing, and the like.
  • Multilingualism
    All our web projects can be multilingual. Multilingualism is supported natively by the CMS solution and therefore, any project can be improved by simply translating the content to other languages​​.
  • Internet marketing
    Without a legitimate campaign there is no real success. Each of our web project can be successfully advertised on the Internet, and our company can take full management of internet marketing campaigns.
  • Internet project maintanence
    Regardless of the type of project, we are able to fully take over the preparation, processing and content creation of web pages.
  • Photography, preparation and processing of graphic materials
    We are able, with professional equipment and service, to record your important events and photograph products for your website.
  • Launch of the Internet Project, monitoring and improving
    By launching an internet project, the whole story of it not at the end. Every project is carefully monitored and it's growth analyzed with the help of a detailed statistics and visit analysis.
  • Web hosting or server rental
    For high-performance of large web projects we provided a complete server infrastructure for our clients. As for small and medium-sized web projects we provide hosting service.