Website maintenance

Softwise is able, in accordance with agreements with its customers and partners, partially or completely take over the role of editors of all types of internet projects.

Website and portal maintenance

Content is the key to every web project.

In agreement with the user, we analyze the actual and real needs for content editorial of Internet sites and portals, and in consultation with the customer partially or completely take over the editorial section of the web sites and portals.

To make your web design company shine in full glory, and not to lose its pomp, it is necessary to maintain a regular web page (especially if it comes to Internet portals) in terms of updates with new, fresh and processed quality content, with accompanying graphics, images or other documents. If there is no appropriate person within your team or if you simply do not have the time, we are able to do all the editorial stuff for you and your company.


Maintaining the functionality of web sites and portals

Regular maintenance of web projects, especially large ones, ensures you have a peaceful sleep. Regular examination of the existing web project we are able to ensure that your project is functional and ready for any challenge.

Data backup is the inevitable importance, especially if it comes to business applications, web stores or internet portals with a great number and amount of content.