SoftPOS - Complete fiscalization solution

SoftPOS is intended for caterers or stores, and perform functions of the PC cash registers with included fiscal support. It contains the following modules: retail, warehouse operations and field records.


SoftPOS program is intended for automation of retail outlets in retail establishments. These are two separate products, and depending on the purpose the application for catering or retail applications (trade) is used.

The data is always accessible from a remote location (the only prerequisite is the internet access). That kind of approach gives great flexibility to the owner, and a constant business insight.


During the goods issue (account creation), item that enters the account is defined by a bar-code reader or a keyboard, where each item can be 'registered' in several ways (bar-code labels, ID number or name).


The program can be run on individual computers or in a network. If it is installed on one computer, then the cash and administration module are installed on that single computer. If there are preconditions and if there is a computer in the background within a particular network, then the administration area (part of back-office) is installed on that computer which can be make reports manage data (products, standards, vendors, ...) at all times.

The program consists of following modules :

  • Sales (Accounts)
    • creating an account
    • Monitoring of open (not completed) accounts for waiters
    • accounts review
    • print copies of invoices, and print the R-1 or R-2 accounts
    • acceptance of different types of payment (cash, credit cards, ...)
    • prints the current traffic shifts and daily traffic
  • Reports for the selected period
    • turnover for the period
    • traffic by type of payment
    • traffic by cashiers
    • sales and taxes by raw materials
    • review of items sold
    • book of traffic
    • resources state
  • Master Data
    • of items
    • of norms
    • of supplier, taxes, treasurers
  • Accessions


Prices and payment terms:

If your daily business does not generate more than 20 invoices, then the software is free for you.

If however, within a few days you have a need for more than 20 invoices, then:

  • If you can install it on your own (following the installation documentation), and have no need for training (use the software documentation for training), then the price for one computer is 2.000,00 Kn (excluding VAT).
  • If the installation and / or training is made by us, then the price for one computer is 3.400,00 Kn (excluding VAT).

License for each following workplace shall be paid an additional 30% of basic price.



Additional user training can be arranged later, if needed.



For all users, all upgrades within the same version of the program can be freely downloaded from our website.
Each user can enter a maintenance contract (with a monthly annuity) or maintenance can be charged per call. Users with a maintenance contract are guaranteed a short reaction time in solving problems.